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Night Club Candy Coated Suicide


Equal parts cute, creepy, and catchy – Candy Coated Suicide by Night Club is a mesmerizing work of art. With a heavy but bouncing beat, playful synths, and a hypnotizing vocal performance, Night Club’s new song is as fun as it is habit forming. Candy Coated Suicide plays like a love letter from Harley Quinn: Cute, bubbly, and earnest – but ultimately deadly and a little deranged; in the most beautiful way possible.

Lyrically opening like a schoolgirl’s love note: sweet and simple; Candy Coated Suicide quickly blossoms into a beautiful pop sensation – all without losing the edge that makes it so alluring. Emily Kavanaugh is, without a doubt, the fallen angel of Synthpop lyricists, able to shift so seamlessly from sweet to sultry – a sound that is capitalized incredibly by Mark Brooks’ instrumentals.

Heading now into their sixth year together, Night Club is the epitome of Synthpop. They have a name that is recognized, a fan-base that is solidified, and a portfolio that is unrivaled. Candy Coated Suicide is nothing new in terms of their success, but it is, like always, something new for us. Always carefully mixing, almost chemically, the bright flavors of pop with the dark industrial underground sound, Candy Coated Suicide is a masterpiece of the form. Bright enough for the radio, edgy enough for the club, addictive enough to virally burrow its way into every headset still jacked in.

Night Club is the band you become when you know what you want from your sound and everyone else is too afraid to attempt it. Candy Coated Suicide is the song you write to rub that fact in their faces.

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