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Niclas Tamas Lullabies


Delicacy of approach blends cinematic vastness with intricate detailing, for an alluring, atmospheric listen that increasingly embraces the listener…

Niclas Tamas crafts uniquely fascinating soundscapes, fusing organic fragments with thoughtful production techniques and twists, for an otherworldly audio venture.

Hydron Epoch Machine is all of this, a post-seven-minute ambient epic of varying emotions and equal parts darkness and optimism, proving both unsettling and comforting as things progress – introducing the Niclas Tamas style and skilful presentation on a defiant high.

The qualities of this recording seem to blend simple, ambient and near binaural frequencies with a more freestyle-esque manner of melodic and instrumental experimentation. Various expression or fragments light up the journey as it evolves, but always we continue to feel the surrounding weight and power of these pulsating waves of synth and bass.

Elsewhere these traits maintain the Tamas angle of creativity, but within that approach lies limitless versatility. Consider the equally breath-like wash of Mutant Education, as haunting changes in chord and note proceed to deliver a notably more intriguing listen – less detailed, more story or scene-related, perhaps.

Sc-fi-style production seems a relevant reference, and the creative sound play of Tamas’ work helps lead the listener off on some new adventure in every case. Motherboard Sun in particular utilises space and darkness, distance and fear – an eerie presence and an incoming danger – by means of a whole new palette of audio tools.

Then there’s Memex Air, and a lighter realm ensues – a personal favourite, dreamy and calming, carefree yet still with those trademark hints of uncertainty. The keen producers out there would no doubt watch with keen appreciation as Tamas created a piece like this from scratch. For the average music fan though, the sound fills the room and entirely takes it over, gifting the mind the freedom to either be still or wander without fear or expectation.

Just a short collection from his catalogue, but a fine testament to the artistic depth of his uniquely appealing, interesting and enjoyable manner of composition. Niclas Tamas is undoubtedly a producer with a devout and patient, focused and purposeful way with sound design. The results impress.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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