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Nick Black Joy To The Girl


Joy To The Girl is, professionally speaking, an absolute tune. Nick Black’s music is utterly refreshing to stumble upon. Soaked in a Stevie Wonder style soul and funk, the song just oozes character and addictively good vibes.

The accompanying video for the song makes for a superb visual supplement to the music; the microwave introducing the title alone is worthy of applause. The song though is in a world of its own. The explosion of instrumentation from the offset highlights a level of inspiration not so often touched upon in modern music, and as the track unfolds, Nick Black’s voice is every bit as soulful, stylish and passionate as you’d hope. This is undeniably a case of genuine musical drive and a desire to express in a way that stays true to the artist, as opposed to adding a retro or classic energy to a song purely to gain nostalgia points.

By all accounts, Nick Black’s very core is emblazoned with a passion for this type of music. As the song progresses, there are some slick and infectious moments of energy and rhythm that come with a touch of Jamiroquai inspired vibes. All in all though, there’s something beautifully unique about this sound and this style of songwriting. Joy To The Girl offers a concept, melody, and musicality that stand alone and are unquestionably fresh in their own right.

As an artist, the individuality and appeal are on point, and musically speaking – everything about this recording has been thoughtfully and skillfully crafted. The finish is superb, and both the track and the video are more than worthy of your attention. Turn it up loud and enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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