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Nian Tong I Eat Alone


Introducing an instantly catchy, quirky and uplifting classic – Nian Tong keeps things honest, colourful and addictively melodic, with the inescapably memorable I Eat Alone.

Featuring organic layers of big-band riffs and rhythms, somewhat retro electronic stylings and cleanly-mixed vocals, the brief two-minute eighteen second release is quick to deliver its mood-setting, descending chord pattern and supporting instrumental tunes. Soon afterwards, a characterful yet mellow leading voice chimes in with precisely the lyrical intentions implied by the title.

Loaded with brightness and energy in celebration of the sheer pleasure of enjoying life and the world in the company of oneself, I Eat Alone is something of a musical gem. Emerging complete with an additional instrumental version, the song remains easily recognisable, infectious and immersive, simply for its good vibes – something that speaks volumes on behalf of the talent, identity and creative freedom of artist Nian Tong.

Refreshingly original, but also well-rooted amidst the threads of effective, engaging musicianship. I look forward to hearing where else the audio process takes Nian Tong.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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