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Neonomora Be Still, My Soul


Be Still, My Soul has a vastness to it that is quite overwhelming. The musical soundscape incorporates the leading voice into it’s ambiance, so the song doesn’t simply sit on top of the track; it’s a part of the instrumentation in every possible way.

The music has a cinematic sort of strength to it. Although gentle in nature, it’s a soundscape that washes over you like white water – the effect is immense. In amidst the synths you hear the distant echo of a piano, in among that you hear the slow yet captivating beat, and woven in along with all of this is the beauty of the leading voice.

The sound is complex, yet peaceful; intricate, yet easily accessible. The creativity is present in every moment – in the instrumentation, the mix, the production, the lyrics, the structure, and indeed the vocal performance. The emotion in the artist’s voice is clear and consistent and compelling, whether it’s the soft, almost whispered moments, or the bigger, soulful and striking ones.

Neonomora, real name Ratih Suryahutamy, has a blissful sound to her voice that suits the words and the mood of this type of music beautifully. The song sounds simplistic at first, though there’s much to appreciate and experience within just a few short minutes of listening. The track has an emotional honesty to it in both the lyrics and the performance, and this honesty is presented in a somewhat heart wrenching manner; always holding you captive with superb poetry and power.

The hook is repeated just enough times to make it really sink in, and it works – it grabs you, it makes you feel something very real. The production on the track has brought out the softness of the music, overall suggesting an optimism, a hopefulness, whilst still somehow re-enforcing the manic energy of an unsettled soul. Everything about it seems to shine with wonderful purity. It’s clever, effective, and really highlights the unique character and style of the artist. Be Still, My Soul is enticing, inspiring, and all in all a beautiful moment of genuine escapism for listeners.

One day you rise, one day you fall..

Listen to the track on Spotify and look out for the forthcoming album Waters. Find and follow Neonomora on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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