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Neill Maclean Invite me Over


Nashville’s Neill Maclean adopts an eighties aura with this synth-heavy and uniquely progressive arrangement of Invite Me Over.

While the set-up presents an immediately familiar and somewhat nostalgic feel, the song itself undoubtedly makes and breaks its own rules as it progresses.

Neill’s story is intriguing from the offset, these three-word phrases rise up and fall down every step of the way, hypnotically laying out the details, setting the scene, to ultimately resolve at the creative peak that is the song’s questioning hook. By this time, multiple layers of instrumental strength have stepped into view, including a choir of voices that add heightened notes and unexpected warmth to an otherwise dark and almost Rocky Horror Show style performance.

There are mild theatrics throughout, yet meanwhile the song’s simple rhyming patterns and the depth of Maclean’s voice present a piece that subtly tips its hat to the likes of Twist in My Sobriety. The subject matter is a little more surface level, but no less interesting, and Maclean manages to utilize that well with an intriguing performance that holds attention effectively; for the extent of the song’s short but significant life-span.

Download the single via Bandcamp.

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