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Nathan Morris Villain


Emotionally loaded pop songwriting meets the euphoric pace and embrace of dance, as Lexington’s indie gem Nathan Morris delivers the soulful and vulnerable summer anthem that is Villain.

Atmospheric and poetic beginnings lead us by way of effected keys and distinct vocals, through a story of scenes and images reflecting on a relationship gone painfully wrong. The melody has a haunting sort of alternative RnB vibe initially, a touch of The Weeknd with a rising anticipation that’s soon met in a boldly uplifting way.

As the lyrics and performance reach peak levels of passion, Nathan Morris switches into a near-falsetto delivery, the beat finds its disco-esque four-to-the-floor groove, and this resolving sentiment of our protagonist being the Villain drops into view. It’s an unexpected shift in the story, but it’s not the closing statement. The following verses strip things back down to the ache and resentment of being called the Villain, with references to being called the liar; the one who always puts themselves first.

Enter a riding bass-line for that infectious floor-filler escapism, a smoother voice to follow for a more reflective exploration of the story, and all the while the beat and these stylish vocals continue to weave a memorable web of finely crafted dance-pop.

Nathan Morris already notes tens of thousands of streams and subscribers, and the professionalism, passion and refreshingly honest grit of Villain works hard to secure that rise. At its core, Villain is a song of self-empowerment – of valuing integrity and being true to oneself above the petty requests of a significant other. This one is an easy must for the pop playlists of summer 2024.

“I’m the worst, never good, make it hurt like it should.”

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