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Nath Opinions Of The People


Story-teller and songwriter Nath leads with dark, cinematic soundscapes, and performance techniques that work hard to create a sense of drama and depth; reflective of the topics at hand. All of this shines brightly, even purely with the opening track, from his brand new album Opinions Of The People.

From the haunting loop of a melancholic string section, to various pauses and moments of evolution that allow for a fully captivating three minutes, Acknowledged proceeds to deliver a harsh and compelling story, blending personal emotion, longing and uncertainty, with observation – in a stark and stylish fashion.

Complete with a familiar UK accent, though one less showcased in much of hip hop, Nath’s music stands tall on the strength of its own honesty and insight. Refusing to utilise filler or falseness, the artist fuses numerous flows and a meandering emotional presence that moves effortlessly from mellow to gritty and intense; as per the changing stages of each story.

As a refreshing, poetically intelligent, articulate, and impressive hit of escapism, Opinions Of The People works its magic with ease. Professionalism and an undeniable sense of identity help bring originality alongside reliable, go-to provocative rap. Weave in addictive melodies, and consistently creative musical ambiances, and the whole project envelops you and connects on a powerful level. Well worth a listen in full.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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