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Narsha Bulgakbaev Goodbye To Love


Writer and scientist Narsha Bulgakbaev oversteps the barriers between disciplines, with an emotionally charged collection of original songs.

A singer and composer from Kazakhstan, as well as a teacher, doctor of medical sciences, philosopher, psychologist and theologian, Narsha is a creative thinker with a fascination for exploring the unknown. His parents were both involved in performing arts, and as such, creative expression became a natural part of Narsha’s upbringing.

From November, 2023, the fruits of that labor begin to emerge, with the likes of singles Goodbye to Love and You Are The Best Of The Best.

Writing from the heart, with short lines of melody and a simple pairing of rhythm and keys, there’s a raw and homemade authenticity to Narsha’s performance on the decidedly intimate and heartbroken Goodbye To Love. Then to follow, a certain melancholic piano-lead emerges for the hopeful and inspiring lyrical journey of You Are The Best Of The Best. Already Narsha’s unedited leading voice is recognizable in its vulnerability and tremble.

Don’t Tell Me Your Pretty Lies leads with a strong melodic rise and fall, and atmospheric production that would perhaps work well with an additional singer – the set-up showcases another side to Narsha’s creative sound-design. Still we remain in the romantic territory of love and anti-love songs. Learn To Love Me follows a similar pathway, reflecting on disagreements and blending lo-fi ambiance with pop-style writing.

Switching gears immensely is the vocally warped and conceptual meandering of Men Are Very Brave. Heavy auto-tune and a warbling melody present an unsettling alternative to the mellow pop of before, and the lyrics reflect a whole new perspective, whilst still detailing Narsha’s own view of the relationship between men and women.

One last single from Narsha is I Have A Dream, breathy and intimate, poetically optimistic and rising in energy throughout. A hooky simplicity proves a worthy central aspect of the writing, and could again be brought to life with a featured artist. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Narsha in the near future.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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