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naahsall I just feel alone.


Featuring a wave of synths that echo around you like a room full of mirrors, naahsall’s latest single is one that digs deep artistically into the very concept implied by its title.

Notably more upbeat and brighter sounding than the concept allows, I just feel alone takes an Owl City approach with its effected vocals and light-natured melodies. There’s a notably more melancholic undertone though, and a distinct display of creativity to be found in the progressing soundscape.

What begins as a simple electro pop offering, soon evolves to become a fully immersive, electronic hit of escapism. Layers collide and intertwine amidst these powerful instrumental breaks – almost leaning towards EDM. Then out of the blue, a rap verse kicks in, with a sudden vocal clarity and confidence that effectively injects a whole lot more individuality into the piece.

Directly referencing the current global health crisis, I just feel alone encapsulates the emotions many of us may be going through. At the same time, the music offers a helping hand – an energetic and optimistic boost, which cleverly contrasts the gloom and isolation of the writing. In short, it’s a pleasure to lose yourself within this track.

naahsall has designed this with equal parts creativity, professionalism, and passion. Loneliness has led to lashings of melody, multiple details and instruments from synths to programmed beats to saxophone – seeing things venture off into blissful M83 territory towards the end. A single riff stands tall throughout, helping give the track a defiant and recognisable identity. Well worth experiencing at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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