N2BLÜ - Unicorn Tribe - Stereo Stickman

N2BLÜ Unicorn Tribe


Immense and immersive tribal dance vibes pour through with a fine fusion of world music and EDM as N2BLÜ push their creative reach even further.

Unicorn Tribe intrigues with its title alone, and the immediate warmth and multi-layered vibrancy of the soundscape further that appeal in an instant.

Featuring the band’s ever-familiar vocal lead, not so much driving the song but providing context and melody amidst this hypnotic, involving downpour of synths and sounds and energy, Unicorn Tribe provides a classic hit of dance escapism.

The mood is nostalgic, the details refreshing – complete with rhythmic shifts that heighten the mood and reinforce all the more-so that inherent aura; inspiring movement and a sense of possibility.

Turn the volume up loud and get ready to drown out the weight of the world. Unicorn Tribe presents exactly the ambient, fantasy-focused escapism its title implies. A beautiful new release from N2BLÜ, with stunning production and an interesting, refreshing concept.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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