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N2BLÜ King Of Broken Hearts


“I’d love to be the first one on your mind
But no matter how it starts
I guess I’ll be the King of Broken Hearts.”

The unmistakable songwriting and production style of N2BLÜ shines as brightly as ever on this brand new, emotionally loaded single.

The aptly titled King Of Broken Hearts delves into precisely what the title promises. Reflecting on years of heartbreak and disappointment in love, the song is all too relatable for many, and the clear passion and longing in these powerful vocals allows the topic to pour through with immense authenticity.

I sit of this lonely throne, built on heartbreak
Should I go it alone or try to tempt fate?
Under a heavy crown, made of frozen tears
Could there still be hope after all these years?

While the music is brilliantly energising, retro as ever but crisp and immersive at volume regardless, the song is incredibly honest and open in its exploration of what it really feels like to have your heart broken time and time again. Even so, the topic is consistently resolved – the singer repeats the fact that being The King of Broken Hearts is not desired, it’s not the goal; there is still hope.

The brightness and bounce of the music undoubtedly reinforces this flicker of light that remains, and makes the whole thing hit with bold impact and even unity – with all who are still searching for that special connection.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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