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N2BLÜ Electric Dreams


In a world of all things digital, how do you find something real?

It’s a poignant opening line, particularly during these isolated, largely digital times of our lives, and it introduces perhaps the most rightfully electronic, experimental single from N2BLÜ since 2019’s Neon Gold.

Offering layers of synths and a multi-colored ambiance on the whole, alongside a warm and weighty, classic eighties dance beat, the song delivers a catchy progression and a brilliantly uplifting drop.

While the set-up is satisfying though, it’s also decidedly unpredictable – in terms of the changing details that emerge throughout the soundscape. From a songwriting perspective, the piece moves along as you’d hope – it ticks a lot of boxes, ultimately reinforcing the power of the self in re-shaping their reality. The instrumental, however, showcases the best of the N2BLÜ creatively-free backbone.

This fusion of the familiar, comforting and welcoming writing and vocal style, with the mildly retro and experimental electronic layers, helps make Electric Dreams an easy hit of energizing escapism; right when we need it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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