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N2BLÜ Again


Bringing together a heavy dance set-up, simple and catchy pop songwriting, and an underlying sentiment that reaches out to connect with any and all who know the inescapable beauty of true love – N2BLÜ’s latest single is bright and uplifting, with a gorgeously nostalgic tone.

Kicking into gear with a weighty beat that takes the reigns throughout much of the journey, the song soon lays out a verse compiled of short lines – easily memorable, easy to join in with. The vocal is fairly accessible, too – not over-performing nor missing the mark; achieving a fine balance between authenticity and power.

Then we get that all-important rise up to the hook, just as the song reaches its conceptual peak – that ultimate moment of unity and acceptance; and the drop is everything it needs to be.

Enter multiple layers of colour, melody and detail, a wash of dreamlike intricacies and a fuzz-kissed drum-line to further emphasise this build up and hit of pure energy and bliss.

Beautifully done, an ideal choice for that motivational boost right when you need it, and a fine reminder of the things that truly mean something to us in life.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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