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My Cousin Dallas Stereo Multiplex


Fresh from the album Keep Hope Alive, classic rock and roll outfit My Cousin Dallas present Stereo Multiplex – the project’s opening track and a bold introduction to the band’s sound.

Stereo Multiplex is a track that sticks with what it knows and what it intends to express from start to finish. The ideas implied by the title are fed into further within the lyrics, talk of nostalgic systems and audio preferences pours through. Meanwhile, the music appears with the crash and crunch of authentic rock and roll. There’s an indie fuzz to the finish, perhaps feeding into the concept even further, and what this does in hindsight is give you a genuine sense of what the band would sound like in a live setting. A real-time performance would bring these free-flowing guitars, these riffs, this drum work, these passionate and naturally involved vocals, right to the centre of the stage – in a manner that would allow music fans to be completely swept away on the raw energy of the moment as the band rises up.

Stereo Multiplex is a song that effectively utilises structure and contrast to work its way up towards a huge finish. The softer, penultimate moments see things quiet down, offering a sense of anticipation that’s met brilliantly by the full wall of instrumentation that follows. Though it’s a well written and thoughtfully crafted piece of music and performance, there are undoubtedly a few flickers of realness and unwavering indie-rock – the fuzz, the final moments, the details – that let the sheer care-free good vibes of the genre stand tall in a refreshing way. In among a world of squeaky clean, electronically built records, this release brings about the familiar tones of a simpler time for music fans who miss the way that felt.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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