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Musically Clutch Don’t Spark My Blunt


Tens of thousands of streams across a handful of releases speak volumes on behalf of the Musically Clutch relevance and emotive thread combined.

Don’t Spark My Blunt is a fine example, offering effected modern vocals and rap verses with a more nostalgic, smooth backing track of dreamy keys and heavy bass.

Weave in trap rhythms and vocal versatility from start to finish, and the cinematic storytelling and catchy hook of the track work brilliantly together. It’s a minimalist yet likable approach, and this home-made sound also runs throughout the likes of a distinctly more heavy and gritty ‘OH AIGHT.

Elsewhere we get a fierce flow and vocal rasp for the brilliantly impactful Freak Nic. Classic hip hop inspires a clarity and word-play employment that grips the listener throughout. Always we resolve each section, from the feature to the main artist, with a simple and catchy hook.

Prior to this, melody played a key role in raising awareness of tracks like the fast-paced and metaphorical, motivational Horses, and the late-night anthem vibe of an equally driven and stylish Boss.

As mentioned, versatility means that the sound is forever eclectic from one track to the next, though crucially, the Musically Clutch voice remains recognisable in any setting. The Long Island-based artist has been songwriting since his early years, and the result is a hard-hitting rap flow with memorable hooks and riffs helping elevate the completed sound; to ultimately connect with a much broader audience.

Look out for the brand new single vv’s on March 3rd, featuring krashoutkiddo. Follow Musically Clutch on Twitter & Instagram or visit the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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