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Music Producer ‘Thousand Times’ Goes Pro


29 year old producer Thousand Times, a long standing favourite of ours, has linked up with GPME – a powerhouse talent agency that supports a wide range of pro athletes, musicians, and entertainers. He said of the move – ‘I’ve been looking forward to joining GPME for over a year! To a have a team of passionate people with advanced degrees working on my behalf is a dream come true – I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to push the music of all the great artists’ I work with.’

To coincide with the collaboration, Thousand Times has released the smooth and infectious, good vibes track that is Stoned, featuring SNAP. The beat brings about a mellow and colourful, hypnotic bit of rhythmic escapism, and the featured vocals add a classically nostalgic flicker of RnB and hip hop in unison. The whole thing weaves its entrancing riffs into your head-space as it pours through, meanwhile the rap verses add a touch of realness and humanity to the process. Then you get this lightly haunting and cool hook section, the lighter vocal tone and notes slowly but surely make certain you’ll remember the moment – and will likely walk away with it running through your mind.

The track collaboration in itself is exciting, a humble but effective and professionally crafted step forwards. Thousand Times joining forces with GPME is all the more exciting – the future looks bright and loaded with big things. Collaboration and networking hold the key once the talent and work ethic are in place, and so in this case – everything looks set to make waves. Well worth tuning in for as the new future of music gets underway.

Find & follow Thousand Times via Lift Off Music Group on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out GPME on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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