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Msaki Intro & Song About The Ocean (2Seas Sessions)


Msaki’s music is beautiful, so pure and honest. To witness it being performed live is the best way to really take on the delicacy and intricacies of her creativity and her approach to artistic expression. 2Seas Sessions have allowed her the absolute freedom and space within which her songs can thrive, and Intro & Song About The Ocean is the perfect place to begin for anyone who is new to her sound.

Msaki’s songwriting is incredibly poetic, her expressive and intelligent use of language runs in unison with her flawless vocal abilities. Even the way in which she fuses different languages together within a single piece is compelling and presented with wonderful continuity. As an artist, her charm and her style have something wonderfully fresh about them. At the same time, the softness of the sound feels comforting, and as the lyrics unfold you fall further and further into the emotion of the song.

Utilizing solely a harp, an acoustic guitar, and a naturally beautiful singing voice, the live performance manages to create an ocean of heartfelt possibility around you that just doesn’t draw any comparisons right now. This first clip alone has the effortless power to convince you to seek out more of her music. The freedom and authenticity of the live aspect of her work has been captured really well here, allowing you to feel as if you’re listening live – something I highly recommend you do, if the opportunity arises – as well as presenting that necessary studio quality that lets you totally lose yourself in the playlist. The originality and undeniable soul of Msaki’s music is an absolute joy to stumble upon and to turn back to again and again when the chaos of the world gets a little too much.

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