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Mr.Bullet Decaf Boy


Dreamy production and organic soul-guitar elevates the immersive and enchanting sound of alternative reggae artist Mr.Bullet, as the brand new single Decaf Boy hits the scene.

Showcasing that natural guitar strength with lashings of reverb and an overall design warmth and heavy bass vibe that’s quick to captivate, Decaf Boy proves as thoughtful as it is catchy and quite addictive to experience at volume.

Quietly-mixed vocals maintain a certain flow throughout the looping soundscape, the rise and fall of the guitar, blending rap and melody in a uniquely theatrical yet effective way. The lyrics work well in unison with this, bringing elements of intrigue and culture that further the overall hypnotic presence of the track.

Inspiring at its core, boldly colourful and almost gamer-like at its peak – with retro keys and strings and even sax injecting further character and soul as things progress – Decaf Boy is a refreshing, creative new anthem, loaded with multi-genre appeal but also notably true to the recognisable identity and sound of Mr.Bullet.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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