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Moti Separation


Further insight and inspiring artistry from Moti Music comes in the form of a twisting and intriguing fusion of real-life effects, samples, and natural melody and music.

Separation is unlike anything else you’ll have witnessed of late, and unlike Moti’s other work. It proves beautifully compelling as it skilfully contrasts subtle shock and intensity with absolute purity, delicacy, and deeply human emotion.

From the opening moments, Separation seems to expose an incident – a tragic event, drama and sirens or hospital equipment, darkness, unsettling fear creeping in; uncertainty and twisted moods. Following this, a burst of energy or explosion that brings things to a finish, and paves the way for stunningly beautiful piano and string solos respectively; as our subjects reach out for one last grasp at connection.

Without looking into the story behind the music, you can make out a clear progression of feelings, and that’s the true calling card of an artist undistracted and wholly focused within the emotion of a project.

The mid-section of this release is breath-taking, so gentle and calm yet heart-breaking in its poignancy and this concept of Separation. Then comes the rhythm, the pulse of synth, the warmth of bass, and the reverb-kissed sadness of piano keys; attempting to make sense of things, shining light on possibility amidst struggle.

As the piece continues, the details from earlier return in small yet subduing doses, and the intensity slowly but surely rises. The drama, the sadness become overwhelming as the energy grows. Once again we’re thrown into this Moti Music world of inescapable change and unprecedented power.

The music has been so pristinely and thoughtfully crafted, that it seems to perfectly blend the natural complexity of human emotion, with the unlimited resources available in the world of audio production and composition. Professionalism and purity unite, nudging listeners to forget that this is just music, and to delve in fearlessly as their own memories and feelings make profound connections with the details and journey presented.

Download Separation via Apple. Check out Moti on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Linkedin or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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