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Moti Ignition


Cinematically immersive, tribal layers of delicacy and intrigue rain through amidst organic rhythms and a cave-like layer of reverb – producer and sound-designer Moti offers escapism and audio journeys like no other, and Ignition makes for a captivating place to start the connection.

Running through for spot-on seven minutes, Ignition features live-style fragments of organic, world-music and oriental detail. Rhythms, melodies, voice and other hand-held instruments, all created within a genuine space that feels like it’s transported the listener to some other plain.

Soon enough, the track evolves into more multi-layered realms, a fullness emerges along with a more finely-tuned production quality as the intensity rises. With this, the music becomes all the more enveloping, all consuming as it builds and builds.

The latter half veers off entirely, the march towards the action, the action ensuing. Drama and power unite with uplifting, energising traits – distorted guitar, a simple yet satisfying chord pattern and various tunes, immense drum-work and other flickers of genre and instrument for a truly vast, uninhibited and unpredictable listening experience.

By the final quarter, we’re engaged and entranced by this uniquely shifting arena of audio intricacies. There’s softness, pop-rock warmth, drama followed by gentleness, even a blast of synth-soaked EDM; at which point the pace increases, the stomp proving addictive and raising the mood all the more so.

Openly celebrating and paying tribute to a plethora of cultures, Moti’s Ignition inspires a sense of greatness and appreciation for the natural beauty and unity of our world and the societies within it. In short, it reminds us of the magnitude, wonder and oneness that is our humanity. A beautiful, fascinating and heart-warming composition.

Download Ignition via Apple. Check out Moti on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Linkedin or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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