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Moti Emit


Seductively mellow layers of organic classical music introduce this shorter yet magnetic and mighty piece from composer Moti.

Emit begins with the subtle pairing of strings and keys, a melody of possible melancholy, intertwined with hints of potential brightness ahead.

This simplicity or minimalism is brief, and from thirty seconds in we’re thrown into a contemporary world – nostalgia meeting with superb dance rhythms and details that offer a uniquely interesting yet still rather moody and reflective progression.

As these two opposite ends of the music history timeline unite, the track becomes incredibly addictive – hints of voice, outcry, the pulse and weight of the EDM backbone, the raw and intimate nature of the strings.

It’s haunting in many ways, but also energising as the layers unite so perfectly amidst the movement of the story. Faultlessly joined as one, yesteryear and tomorrow, melodic and disconcerting, presenting a whole new world of haunting characters and events…

* * *

The scarlet lady
Languidly waits
For the eater
Of time,
The bringer
Of fate.

Tentacle shadows
Pull down
On her waist
And into
The underworld
Where time
Is erased.

She rides upon
The Chimaera’s back.
Her red glow illuminates
The treacherous track.

Appalled and enlightened
by the things she has seen,
She is given a crown
And told she’s the queen.

* * *

Moti’s Emit is a story that fascinates. Another world, inviting for its strangely familiar traits – the human qualities in the darkness, the raven-haired lady, the marble floors.

From the outside, Moti has crafted a stunning alternative to modern dance music – a track that’s quickly recognisable, and brilliantly hypnotic when listened to at volume. From the inside though, for those who know, Emit presents a whole other experience. An audio film, perhaps, dark and seductive, alluring and unsettling.

Incomparable to the vast majority of producers and composers, Moti creates from a place of sheer curiosity, passion and focus. The result is that no two releases are the same, each journey is unique, unpredictable, rewarding, and completely enchanting.

Fantastic. An artist more than worthy of your time.

Download Emit via Apple. Check out Moti on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Linkedin or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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