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Mostacho Xprmnt Ocean (Feat. NJWA)


Standing tall on the knowledge that sometimes songs need to hibernate for a few years, Mostacho Xprmnt knows that good art can’t be rushed, and the final release of Ocean – six years after its initial creation – speaks volumes on behalf of that.

By that same belief, the song pours through with a certain mellow delicacy that simultaneously provokes the listener to relax, to remove themselves from the rush of the world, the rat race – to let the music create a moment of peacefulness around them. Blissfully spacious and organic instrumentation creates an impressively fine-tuned ambiance that’s an easy joy to get lost within.

Though the lyrics reflect on the past with hints of regret and error, pain and turmoil, this creates a level of realness and purity, and it paves the way well for the ultimately hopeful and promising nature of the completed song.

You become ready and willing to drown in this ocean with the singer – these sounds, these riffs, this passion and soul that is the entire set-up and performance; everything works its magic on you. We’ve all made mistakes, and we all likely work towards improving upon past choices and seeking a better and more peaceful life for ourselves. The song is incredibly relatable in that respect, but more than this – it addresses the topic in a gorgeously soothing and brilliantly professional, musically impressive manner. NJWA’s vocal shines beautifully at every step – carrying the weight of the concept with authenticity and skill.

A sensational piece of music and performance, the sort you can turn up loud and completely escape within. There’s nostalgia in the approach, for sure, but the melody and the style overall bring through a fairly incomparable vibe right now, and there’s so much value in that. Well worth a few spins at volume if the weight of the world has been getting a little too heavy for you.

Ocean was recorded in 2013. It features NJWA on vocals, Eitan Akman on guitar and backing vocals, Haruka Yabuno on keys, Dave Lowenthal on bass, and Andrés Marín on drums.

Download the single via iTunes. Look out for the album Dream Fulfilment Handbook in early 2020. Find & follow Mostacho Xprmnt on Facebook , Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website. Artwork by Sweden’s Ylva Borg.

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