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Moromo Vicarious


Having been a big fan of Moromo’s last single Very Alive since it first emerged, anything new from the artist is of interest. Even so, this single – Vicarious – is something of a surprise, familiar but a step in a slightly new direction, and impressive in a whole different way.

First of all, the lyric video Moromo has put together for this track is creatively brilliant in itself – the dedication to the cause is exercised in an artistic, interesting way. The track takes its time to kick in, but Moromo’s voice on this recording is beautifully emotive – the passion and what feels like desperation or longing is incredibly poignant among these particular lyrics and this underlying sentiment.

The second verse is definitely where things start to get bigger, the beat hits and the lyrics gather a bit more momentum and lean in a fresh and compelling direction. The honesty flows more freely, the rhythm captures your affection for the long run, and after this you appreciate the emotional delicacy of the hook a little more so. The song grows more intense as it progresses and evolves to become the perfect bit of escapism for anyone who has felt that precise level of emotional longing and self-reflection.

Moromo always puts so much of himself into his music anyway, but this latest single seems to be in a league of its own in that respect. His voice veers off without a care, lost in the moment and swept away by the central idea of the song. Musically too, the whole thing supports and enhances the mood – the piano has a mellow level of drama about it, and every other detail builds on the personality and subtle power of the track in a beautiful way. The rainfall is a lovely touch, surrounding you further in that sense of isolation, letting the soundscape pour over you. It’s quite easy to get lost within the music. Expect big things from this artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

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