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Moromo Very Alive


Moromo’s debut single Very Alive brings through a blissfully ambient, dark and calming piece of music and performance that accompanies a thoughtful night or a long drive pretty perfectly.

The vibe of the music has a certain familiarity to an extent, but there’s also something refreshingly new about it – this is what makes it a pleasure to escape into. The music has a slightly unsettled or haunting quality to it, some of those higher notes, the distant riff, create an atmospheric feeling not unlike that of rainfall. Alongside of this is the beat, lightly retro and tripped up in nature, creative yet soothing in presentation. All of these are simple but effective touches, and on top of everything you get the artist’s voice – his ideas, his melodies, his tone and delivery.

Moromo as an artist offers listeners a beautifully real portrayal of modern life. The song feels isolated and subsequently fit to accompany those moments when isolation feels like the only way forward. His voice has a sleepy sound about it, the mood of the music has a subtle touch of The Weeknd in terms of recent releases, but his voice is distinctly unlike anyone else around right now. The performance lays bare a sort of vulnerability, and as the melody evolves, as the passion increases – just subtly – the voice draws you in further and further, connecting and attempting to explore those deeper thoughts even more intensely.

The story-line of the song comes second to the overall feel of it, but as you do listen to the words they more than meet the criteria for this aura or vibe implied by the soundscape. Every building block makes sense within the set-up. It’s an easy pleasure to listen, not joyful but honest – melancholy and tired sounding, creatively free but not in an overbearing way; not trying to be anything it’s not. The concept is intriguing, refreshing in its approach and interesting right the way through. It just works. So much so that it’s at the top of our playlist right now. I look forward to hearing more – fortunately this is only the beginning for Moromo.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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