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Monstrous Give It What You’ve Got


Striking bass and nostalgic rhythms lead us into a heavy and hypnotic electronic rock realm as Monstrous delivers the timeless indie anthem Give It What You’ve Got.

Emerging as both simple yet soaked in identity, the single offers the sort cinematic presence akin to the soundtracks of some of history’s most gritty films.

Pair the audio with the stock-style visuals of trains and travel in a monochrome world, and this edge of imaginative escapism grows all the more alluring.

Just after the half-way point, the softness and somewhat enchanting repeat of familiarity steps aside for a more dance-kissed arena of higher energy and near-euphoric distortion to take over. It’s a brief redirection, and is followed by a further visual clip unaccompanied by music.

The intrigue of the song’s vibe and inspiration is expanded upon effectively, and all in all the project gifts a sense of likably addictive flavours that will no doubt prove easily recognisable in the future.

Download Give It What You’ve Got via Bandcamp or check out Monstrous on Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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