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Monkey Fighters She From Tiny Keg


Music has been getting a little over complicated these days, veering off down unnecessarily complex story-lines and musical tunnels. A simple, hard-hitting remedy was well and truly needed – enter Monkey Fighters.

She From Tiny Keg is an infectious and musically satisfying rock track that presents admittedly brilliant musicianship from every angle – beginning with gentler, lighter verses, smashing into life as a united team for the hooks. It’s only really when you lay the lyrics out in print that you realise how few there actually are. For what it’s worth, the track – should you simply hear it through the speakers or from a distant festival stage – is everything you’d want from an organic rock and roll song. The music draws you in, its style and swagger feel authentic and skillful, right the way through to the leading vocals and the production; everything is impressive and fully immersive should you need to escape into the moment for a while.

Monkey Fighters bring together superb guitar work, sensational energy levels, and an undeniable closeness and connection when it comes to performing as a group. This is particularly noticeable during the final moments of this song. The stops and the starts have weight, there’s no room for error and no time to make excuses. In addition, the simple bizzareness of the lyrics gives you something a little extra to hold on to – something easy to memorize, perhaps seemingly meaningless at face value but promoting an inner search for metaphor and depth regardless. It’s intriguing, and it paints the band as talented and passionate yet without taking themselves too seriously. A brilliant introduction to an act that quite clearly need to be witnessed at a live show as soon as the opportunity arises. One for the long term playlist, for sure.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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