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Money Bagz Make It Out


Money Bagz is an artist whose journey has been one of moving through hard work and struggle to ultimately finding and focusing on specific passions – with the inspiring aim of, hopefully, building something worthwhile.

His latest single Make It Out is an immediately likable track, one that takes the bounce and brightness of reggae but fuses it with a hip hop beat and a melodic, contemporary writing style – the sort that’s addictively rhythmic and anthem-like in nature.

The song’s concept digs deep into the realities of life – the turmoil, the battles, the hardship. Rather than overload the listener with details though, the song has been written with cleverly catchy and memorable short lines – that leading voice carries these well, and the melody and associated words are left lingering in your mind for quite some time after listening.

Though there’s ultimately an admirable level of depth to this track, and to Money Bagz’ musical approach in general, the song from a distance is an easy anthem or hit that’s a pleasure to let play. It works well as a motivational go-to in some respects – a simple set-up, fine production, thoughtful lyrics and a confident yet somewhat humble performance; all of which works in favour of a lasting connection.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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