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Stunning production and composition united kicks off the enchanting and addictively energising new project from Mommori.

Beginning with the intriguing sound of ambient layering of piano, synth, bass, Intro feels initially like a new-jazz piece, before we’re hit with a relentlessly awakening dance rhythm at just past the half-minute mark.

Now the bulk of the sound takes hold, the details and the overall vibe joining forces beautifully, for an uplifting and impressively original creative mix.

Psychedelic Gallery promises six original tracks of this same unpredictable yet familiar design. Whether balancing retro gamer tones with natural voice or veering off entirely into euphoric dance realms (Rossiné), the music refuses to falter in embracing and invigorating the listener.

Hundertwasser follows the opener with now recognisable qualities – the tones, the notes, the layers. A whole new vibe emerges though; Mommori keeping things fresh every step of the way.

Tribal rhythms take hold for an alluring Dali, spacious and with a sense of rising anticipation to follow, the track proves a definite highlight for how classically synth-kissed, warped and wonderful the entirely wave-like, euphoric and melodically hypnotic progression is.

Featuring refreshingly creative melodies across nostalgic keys, natural piano and otherwise, Psychedelic Gallery stands tall on both the strength of its professionalism and skill, and that of its pure and unfiltered creative freedom.

With Delacroix, darkness proves seductive and quickly prompts a volume increase, as this haunting melody and unrelenting beat surround and envelope. Then for Escher we get a truly sensational closer – chaotic and swirling, circus-like yet familiar, balancing recognisable rhythms with unexpected fragments and moments that increasingly lure you in deeper.

Excluding the opener, each composition here reaches way past the four-minute mark – another indication of Mommori as an artist, taking full advantage of the creative space, and enjoying the process of escaping into the moment. As such, the music gifts the same sense of isolated comfort to its audience – you can lose yourself here at ease, and return again and again for that uplift, that energy, and that reminder of the power of great music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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