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Miyuki Kindred (Feat. Jenn Sakura)


Kindred, by Miyuki, is an ethereal and enigmatic work of mastery. Orchestral chill-step, as the genre is dubbed, is something I hadn’t been much exposed to before I happened upon this beautiful piece of work. I couldn’t be happier to have heard this track—a mood entirely effectuated by the song itself. There’s a point between musical creation and finding a backdoor hack into the human psyche that Miyuki has somehow mastered.

More than a song, Kindred is an experience. Soothing synths and rhythmic chimes lull you into a complacency most of us haven’t glimpsed since childhood. It lifts your soul and opens your eyes into a world beyond yourself. More legal and more potent than any substance is sound and the right set of speakers where Miyuki is concerned.

Kindred begins in a safe and warm place, slowly lifting you into a starry backdrop as Jenn Sakura’s voice wipes away every bit of reticence your consciousness clings to. Just as you’re lifted from the last of your fears, floating on a platform of certainty, the beat drops and the wobble turns floating into flying. Here in the soundscape you control your own destiny, reaching forth from what you knew was certain to the vastness and intrigue of that which is not. All the while the calming mantra “You’ll never be alone” floats through your head from the voice of an angel. It’s here in your heart that you’ve become unstoppable, and Miyuki has mastered the opus of your triumph before slowly reaching out and bringing you home again. Gently and with great care so as not to disturb your memory of the world you just experienced, the song softly slips to close.

In the seconds before you realize the song has truly ended and you open your eyes to your world again – something unlocks. Every trouble of the day and worry of the next week recedes in your mind until it’s little more than glimmering bokeh, pushing forward into focus a sort of zen happiness in the here and now. Few songs these days can really make you feel, even fewer can make you feel the way you should. Kindred delivers on its namesake: Entering through the head, and held inside the heart.

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