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Mino Chelly It


The raw stomp of Folk Rock and expressively raspy vocals enchant from the outset, as Germany’s Mino Chelly pours his heart and artistry, into It.

Acoustic guitar, electronic twangs and distant fragments of voice create an atmospheric vibe that naturally suits the storytelling depth of the single It. Mino Chelly introduces a creative purity inspired by Folk and Americana but ultimately elevated by its own sense of songwriting purpose and mild theatrical passion.

The result is a captivating single and video, seemingly personal but also accessibly vague in its poetic exploration of seeking escapism from the inevitable hammer of time. It’s a familiar concept, delved into with anecdotes and broader statements combined – reflecting on youthful dreams and the impossible search for immortality.

Increasingly likable with each revisit, It depicts an artist wholly committed to the cause. The progression is simple, a clap and stomp of organic rhythm, a looping finger-picked chord pattern, and a long-form lyrical outpouring. Vocally the energy builds and builds before reaching a piercing crescendo and falling back down into quiet and calm – undoubtedly the central focus of this audio journey.

“We’re trying to run from, we’re trying to flee from, we’re trying to get away from It.”

Wonderful songwriting and a boldly recognizable creative identity – I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Mino Chelly in the coming months. No doubt a live show is something well worth seeking out if you can.

Download or stream It. Find Mino Chelly on Instagram & Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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