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MILHE Shake The Dust and Dirt Off


This is a superbly crisp and complete sounding rock project. From the moment you begin listening to the opening, title track – the strike of that riff collides with your consciousness just brilliantly. Everything is so well placed that the musicality, the ideas, and the performances shine brightly at all times.

This opening track is fantastic. The leading vocal is incredibly unique, it doesn’t take long to warm entirely to the sound of it; to the character, the inflections, the style, and that undeniable element of realness and honesty. The vocal performance adds such a massive dynamic to the piece. You really notice how well crafted and well thought out the song is because everything points towards these elements exactly as it needs to.

The lyrics are a huge part of the unique edge that the song writing has, but it’s thanks to the style and polish of the music and the performance that it really gets to take centre stage and capture your attention at all the right moments. There’s a great hook in this opening song; a minimal, almost hidden hook – blending in among the verses, but repeating just enough times, with just enough charisma to really get it caught in your mind. And then you get the guitars.

The guitar sound on this project is sublime. There’s often a meeting of two sounds, two parts, that weave in and around each other and bring those quieter moments of the music out into the spotlight. As you move into Let Me Be The One, the switch to an acoustic sort of presentation is reminiscent perhaps, to me, of the solo Paul Simon sound, only edgier. The guitars have the same hypnotic effect in this track as in the first. The sound is different, the effects chosen and the style of playing, but the signature effect given off – the feeling created by the fusion, is similarly bright. There are a few very distinct sounds throughout this collection that consistently remind you of what a special project it is. This is music created by a very unique and passionate artist, and it’s a joy to discover.

There’s a blissful array of creative flair highlighted throughout the EP. The crisp, captivating rock sound will satisfy listeners on many levels. What’s perhaps more noticeable though, is that there is both a stunning display of songwriting and musical performance. There’s a personality to this leading performance that is undeniably fresh; passionate, confident, intriguing. It’s something that brings out the power of the song writing far more effectively than someone of a perhaps more withdrawn or mellow composure might. The performance suits the songs perfectly.

Behave has a wonderfully indie-like anthem sound to it. There’s an emotional vulnerability to this one that is quite compelling to listen to. It’s a real moment to get a little closer to the artist, to catch a glimpse of those inner thoughts and feelings that are the core of everything music means to us. The song sort of lulls you into a reflective state of mind, giving you a moment to think – it’s peaceful, and memorable, and appropriately brief. The collection slams back into that full on, rock sound with Lied. 

Even the lyrical substance of Lied comes across as very classic rock and blues. There’s a story telling to it that draws you in, a rhythm that keeps you involved, and, as always, a vocal performance that is every bit as raw and passionate as the first three songs. MILHE never fails to captivate with that voice. There’s an Asaf Avidan level of feeling to the expression; a raw and inescapably honest essence, with plenty of that rock edge to really make you feel something out of the ordinary. Plus, fortunately, there is so much else surrounding the voice that is equally sensational to witness. As mentioned, the creative flair is strong and consistent; there’s never a dull moment.

Are You Doing The Right Thing has a slightly mainstream sort of melodic feel to it. It’s well placed in the collection. It brings a certain ‘catchiness’ to the record; something that is not often considered in independent music. And of course, everything you’ve quickly learnt to love about the MILHE sound is still there, the guitars are as stylish and impressively played as ever, there’s just a little something of that pop-style sing-along feeling now, and it’s welcomed at this point in the EP. The writing style and the structure draw attention to the depth of the lyrics in a very effective way.

The project comes to a close with the beautifully crafted I’m Here For You. The rock sound is stripped away, the softness of that leading vocal stands tall – again, really making those lyrics and those thoughts just shine so brightly. It also makes you realise what an honest collection of songs this has been. Talent and skill aside, the artist has chosen to bear his soul, to speak from personal experience and hold nothing back, and you really feel that when you listen to the music.

I’m Here For You is a great way to end the release. It calms you down a little – brings you back to Earth, and essentially makes you very eager to go back to the beginning and hear the whole thing all over again. As the song builds and builds, you really start to realise and appreciate how truly stunning is is. There’s a hugely emotional feeling of togetherness that washes over you as you listen. The harmonies that come in towards the end, the gentle but effective build up of those lines, those notes, those instruments – everything is kept mellow, technically, but it’s a big finish. A big and brilliant finish.

Head over to the MILHE Website to find out more about the artist, and grab your copy of the album via Bandcamp or iTunes (US).

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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