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MILHE All I Really Want


Psychedelic rock and roll with an immersive twist of contemporary sound-design – MILHE keeps things passionate and powerful, throughout the brilliantly engaging new album All I Really Want.

Four minutes and twelve seconds of finely-crafted rock and roll, complimented by electronic layering, pours through for the opening, atmospheric and mighty anthem that is the album’s title-track.

Classic vocals keep things familiar, true to the MILHE sound, and yet these also present a sense of refreshing identity that again cranks up the presence of the rock sound in a likable way.

It’s a fierce introduction, and the uplift is well- followed by the calmer embrace of a thoughtful and honest I Wanna Know You To The Core. The sound is still big, but warmer now – arena-ready yet intimate all at once, as our protagonist contemplates love and oneness.

Then for further impact, the soaring yesteryear swagger of Rock n Roll Soul pierces through with equal parts precision and pace. The verses hit harder than the more delicate hook – a refreshingly original quality, that again reminds us of MILHE the independent artist. MILHE has a way of standing tall on the strength of his songwriting, and that quality refuses to falter.

Other highlights include the longing and resolve of a sultry All Too Soon, the dreamy tones and bass-led warmth of Rest Your Head Henriette, and the all-the-more delicate, piano-led vulnerability yet boldly rising energy of Only You Can.

Far from another quickly-crafted singer-songwriter project, All I Really Want feels like a hefty collection rooted in concept and the full-band presence of times past. A greatest hits collection of sorts, with absolutely no filler – only the finest moments make the cut. It’s a fitting consideration, given that this album emerges after a significant period of difficulty for MILHE – the loss of a parent, the grief yet that simultaneous desire to celebrate and pay tribute to her.

Loaded with long-form guitar riffs and seductive melodies, uplifting moments and contemplative ones alike, All I Really Want is musically supreme, relatable and nostalgic all in unison. Featuring a multitude of catchy hooks, slick guitar solos and fine production throughout, there are many threads maintaining the sense of the album as a completed artform, and yet with that there’s also a heavy degree of versatility from one song to the next.

MILHE is a master of songwriting, across releases, but here that’s celebrated alongside a clearly masterful approach to musicianship and sound-design. As such, the defiant purpose of this tribute shines with faultless brightness. Absolutely worth escaping into this season.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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