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Miles Newsom Second Place


Soulful country warmth provides a deeply intimate and colourful hit of escapism as Miles Newsom takes things down a personal and musically immersive pathway.

Featuring organic vocals and an equally live-style arrangement, Second Place feels like a timeless hit yet also manages to stand out as a contemporary take on the song-writing of the heartbroken.

Musically the set-up is familiar, the topic accessible, but one or two unique threads of identity help really elevate the whole thing. One of these is the structural shift at the halfway point – the groove changes, the vocal tone too, and in comes the electric guitar solo for a powerful moment of true longing and passionate outcry.

Coming close to five minutes in length, Second Place makes sublime use of every moment it plays for, soon allowing the whole thing to evolve into greater realms than a single genre – and also showcasing Newsom as a deeply contemplative artist; dedicated to the moment, honest in writing and performance. The latter half in particular feels like a whole new song.

Wonderful, gorgeously vulnerable and almost freestyle-like in set-up. Well worth a few spins this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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