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Mike Bee and The Dead Soldiers Jane’s Gone Into The Shadow


This latest offering from Mike Bee and The Dead Soldiers is something of a step in a new direction for the creative. Though the music has the immediate familiarity of the songs we reviewed at the end of last summer, namely the sound of the leading voice, the performance style, there’s a definite twist to this new release that brings about a certain kind of nostalgia.

The song deals with an intriguing and somewhat dark subject matter, yet it does so in a surprisingly upbeat and slightly retro-funk sort of way. Complete with stylish meandering solos and and a rhythmic string of vintage sounding keys, the whole thing has the feeling of being heavily inspired by all things Bowie, with just a dash of psychedelica to bring in a flicker of Pink Floyd.

Mike Bee and the Dead Soldiers is a singer and songwriter from Gastonia, North Carolina (by way of Chicago).This particular song is a tribute to a band called The Aliens, which Mike was in with his musical partner Durantula. Mike declares himself to be a fan of all kinds of music, but states that classic psychedelic and freakbeat are his comfort zone – a fitting way to approach this latest record.

The song has a great sense of style about it – what you’re left with after listening is largely those cascading guitar riffs and the overall energy and rhythm of the piece. Where more often than not a certain line or hook would linger in your mind, Jane’s Gone Into The Shadow takes advantage of the entire musical structure of songwriting, it utilises each moment as a means of imprinting certain ideas and a certain mood onto those who hear it.

Variety is far from in short supply when it comes to the music created and put out by Mike Bee and The Dead Soldiers. The topics written about, the instrumentation, the riffs, the rhythm, the overall mood – everything takes on some new persona and follows a very creatively free pathway with each new recording. Jane’s Gone Into The Shadow is a particularly charming track. As mentioned, that rhythm is addictive, the keys bring an element of joy to the mix, and then there are these moments of intense audio experimentation. All the while, the ideas expressed in the lyrics echo around and provoke thought and offering unique storytelling in the same instance.

The track follows its own idea of structure, its own creative design, so the moments that unfold from start to finish are impossible to predict. It keeps things interesting, and without a doubt the whole thing grows more and more enjoyable the longer you listen for. This is a welcome addition to the Mike Bee and The Dead Soldiers collection. It’s a long awaited and worthy return to the online world, and hopefully it’s a sign of more to come.

Listen to the track & follow Mike Bee and The Dead Soldiers over on Soundcloud.

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