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Middle Child Mercy


This is a stunning piece of music, the cinematic brilliance of it is phenomenal; if such a phrase can be applied to audio – the entire soundscape builds up detail by detail and surrounds you with emotion and meaning and history.

As modern music production goes, there has to be something about the sound that seems unheard before – something that seems completely new. In this case, that’s just about everything you hear around you. The unique way in which the artist has combined these sometimes scattered, sometimes smooth synths, with an undeniably organic and somewhat unusual sounding beat, a distorted, passionate solo, and a notably simplistic progression of chords and keys running throughout the backdrop, all makes for an ambiance that just works, and beautifully.

On top of the creative mix there’s an unquestionable level of professionalism to the song, so the track lets you escape; it takes over your consciousness and affects you in the way that great music should. The opening few moments lay the groundwork, set the scene for what will follow, bringing about a certain array of imagery and ideas. What makes music like this so beautiful though, is that while you can feel the depth and sentiment of the song in relation to the artist who crafted it, you can also freely connect your own experiences with it. The sound of children playing, the distant crackle of a voice captured long ago, the lyrics – brief but powerful – and then the eruption of this manic yet blissful listening experience that has been composed with absolute individuality. It’s an unmissable release, much more than just music; take it home, take it with you as you move through your day. Experience it fully.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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