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Midas Well 3am


Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Midas Well has crafted a uniquely dark and ambient sound that seems to be entirely his own right now. Fresh from the upcoming album Golden Rule, 3am is a superb new single – fusing the creative elegance of trip hop with a quickly characterful and expressive leading voice, the track feels fresh and relevant to today’s world of Post Malones and The Weeknds, but it also introduces Midas Well as having an undeniable sense of identity about his particular approach.

That voice is brilliant, personality shines brightly within, and the emotion of this song is captured and presented in a genuine and compelling manner. You believe every word, you get swept away on the dreamlike quality of the ambiance and the quiet intensity of the vocal, and the whole thing connects in a perfectly fitting, late-night-vibe sort of way. Those isolated evenings of reflection, trying to balance chaos with calm, would welcome the mood of this release with open arms.

It’s a great track, a pleasure to have fill the room – gorgeously performed, built around poignant realness, and really well produced so as to let the experience hit with the greatest level of impact. Furthermore, as a mere taster from the upcoming album, 3am speaks volumes. Midas Well has a clear set of influences, but these are subtly introduced – they aren’t the main takeaway; it’s this lyrical honesty and the gentle tremor of that voice that carry on with you after listening. The details and intricacies surrounding this, the echos, the reverb, the tripped up beat, the outer edges lightly touched by fragments of additional vocals – all of these humble building blocks are crucial in helping make this a genuinely refreshing take on modern, alternative pop music. There’s passion in the whole process, and that’s easy to appreciate right now. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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