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Michael Novak Used To Be


Getting into the groove with an organic rock stomp but also uniting this unexpectedly with a poetically evocative set of lyrics – Michael Novak soothes the soul, with the blues rock beauty and storytelling of Used To Be.

Musically nostalgic, with gorgeously distinct vocals at the forefront, Used To Be follows a musically and melodically familiar pathway – an anthemic celebration were it not for the darker depths of the writing.

The lyrics take things down a completely different road, gripping the listener from the outset and consistently reinforcing that hold as things get all the more revealing. The third verse in particular shines light on the final reasoning or purpose behind the very essence of the track. The whole thing is uplifting but deeply contemplative, and its effect is the very same fusion of emotions within the listener.

An inspiring and imaginative bit of poetry, with a timeless indie rock warmth in everything from the guitars to the choir-like vocal crescendo at the end. Used To Be is enjoyable and fascinating all at once, another gem of a single from Boston’s Michael Novak, and a brilliantly effective teaser from the album Eyes Open Eyes Up.

Download Used To Be via Bandcamp.

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