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Michæl Augustine Ventro Parlais


Michæl Augustine has created a supremely compelling audio journey with this single and indeed EP release.

Appealing from the offset for intricate, inviting sound-play and production, Ventro Parlais, from the project of the same name, goes on to showcase some incredibly poignant, profoundly human songwriting, and effectively blends all of these qualities amidst a surprisingly chaotic, multi-layered soundscape.

Deeply poetic lyrics, kept strong by short lines and an emotive vocal, are strangely effected by an intense use of auto-tune, which actually suits the creativity and mood of the song really well – even the underlying concept.

There’s a sense of lost-ness to the whole thing, of longing and uncertainty, and this vocal sound manages to be all at once electronically motivated and decidedly emotional. The passion of the process is not lost amidst the heavy production, far from it – Augustine has utilized the tools at his disposal to express underlying ideas as wholly as possible, and the result is a journey that overwhelms, embraces and captivates listeners.

The whole thing is incredibly unique, and increasingly immersive and likable. Where the opening moments appeal with ease, the vocal sound takes a second or two to connect with, but then what follows, the completed, rising energy of the arrangement, is everything it needs to be. Really beautiful and artistic work, and this is true of the entire three-track collection.

Heaven is a much shorter song, or rather – a far more brief experience. Its aura washes through in a manner that feels precise and relevant to its title – these distant twinkles of light, an intermittent horn rhythm at the contrasting end of the spectrum, then suddenly it’s over.

At the end of the EP, Singing In The Rain brings back the auto-tuned artistry, but the voice is whispered, almost uncertain – there’s melancholy here, but the audio layers feel energizing, optimistic. Once the beat kicks in, the vocal suddenly showcases a burst of vibrancy and confidence, and it takes you with it in the process – proving invigorating, simple yet satisfying, fast-moving yet mellow.

Beautifully unusual. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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