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Introducing a uniquely creative four-piece, Methodical Madness blend strength of songwriting with cleanly-mixed, folk-like vocals and outright intensely euphoric dance production, across a multitude of original recordings.

Representing the channel islands’ creative hub that is Guernsey, Methodical Madness bring the volume, energy, and euphoric dance peaks with their swiftly expanding repertoire and distinctly recognizable style.

The self-titled album of 2023 promises heavy floor-filler vibes in unison with catchy hooks and riffs, as well as a uniquely memorable identity of multiple vocal layers backing up the main delivery. In example, the opening track Inferno leads with a sort of darker eighties dance-pop mood, before the following song Where Do We Go switches to brightness and uplift in an instant – though makes sure to contrast this with a relatable sense of lyrical lostness and escapism combined.

Outside of the album, the single Anyway injected a world-music rhythm and retro tone to the band’s ever-unpredictable catalogue – almost Ace of Base-like in its male-female dynamic and the melodic resolve. Then for the two-track EP The One, also released this year, we switch towards sultry keys and guitars, spoken reflections, and an overall level of warmth and originality that quickly shines light on the band’s unrivaled versatility.

Absolutely one to watch out for both in the online realm and live scenes as 2024 swings into view, Methodical Madness keep things fun yet professional, passionate yet enjoyable, and consistently offer some new journey or story or soundtrack for fans to lose themselves within.

Find Methodical Madness on Instagram & their Website.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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