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Mesmerized Home (Pt.1)


Creatively powerful and emerging straight from the heart of the devastating Ukraine conflict, artistic project Mesmerized release a soaring and soulful rock instrumental, alongside heartbreaking visuals, for the fiercely impactful Home.

Just two minutes thirty-five seconds in length, the vastness of Home still manages to deliver an epic sense of presence and pain combined.

The music is deeply moving in and of itself, not to mention musically impressive, and boldly immersive thanks to a striking use of contrast between delicacy and weight. To then weave in the accompanying visuals, real-time images and clips of the homes and lives shattered by an ever-unjust war, is to multiply that moving aspect by a thousand. It’s also to reinforce the heart of the project, the inspiration behind the music, and provide an unignorable reminder of the catastrophic outcome of greed and conflict.

The images alone are enough to take a viewer’s breath away momentarily, the modern life connection undeniable, but the composition in unison, the passionate performances from all involved, undoubtedly raises the bar further still – rightfully insuring that audiences across the globe do not forget the reality of this ongoing tragedy.

Check out Mesmerized’s Gleb G. via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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