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Merrin Pray For Deliverance


New Zealand’s Merrin have crafted a classic and explosive new track with this latest release. Pouring through with precisely that nostalgic balance between passionate melodic delivery and absolute distortion and grit, Pray For Deliverance is a powerful song that utilizes contrast brilliantly.

Progressing from a quiet and near-whispered verse, to an utterly enveloping and mighty hook section, the track tips its hat to the original sounds of rock and metal, whilst holding close to that melodic aspect throughout; even bringing in a mildly Gospel-like vibe as the voices unite during the latter half.

The song introduces an increasing number of curve-balls and flickers of identity as it progresses. The guitar solo hits with impact in the way that metal once did, way back when, and meanwhile – this choir of voices rains down in the distance. Alongside all of this, the leading vocal offers genuine angst, emotion, and a poetically thoughtful story-line that seeks and succeeds in connecting with even the most distant of listeners.

With a run-time barely past the three minute mark, Pray For Deliverance is a song that begs for you to play it on repeat. That quietly intense intro is superb, the space and rasp presented in the performance paves the way awesomely towards the full-throttle vibrancy and unexpected warmth of later on. The song doesn’t drive with darkness in the way that metal does, rather it fuses a touch of that with something a little more blues-rock like – ultimately helping further cement this organic and original sound that Merrin have managed to capture.

A brilliant new release, a melodically addictive and energizing soundscape and performance, paying tribute to Skunk Anansie as much as classic driving anthems and even alternative blues rock and roll. The Merrin sound is something of its own right now, and this is categorically an exciting time to get to know them.

Single out now. Find & follow Merrin on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website. Cover Art & Animation videos by Cosmas Hiolos. Lyrics added by Maddie.

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