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Megan Baragry Me and Carrie (Carrie Underwood Ode)


Country and pop join forces with ease, for the catchy and heartfelt new single from New South Wales artist Megan Baragry.

Openly an ode to her country hero Carrie Underwood, Me And Carrie celebrates the escapism of music in light of relationship turmoil. It’s a clever twist on a dedication song, and weaves in equal parts energetic uplift and melancholic reflection throughout a humble but effective arrangement.

Produced by Alex Mather, Megan Baragry’s Me and Carrie hits with a smooth vocal thread and contrastingly subtle yet energizing edges of distorted rock guitars and country rhythms. The result is a song that connects for its subject matter and performance overall, but provides that humble connection to country at the forefront all the same.

Well-written and beautifully performed – I look forward to hearing more from Megan Baragry.

Download or stream Carrie And Me. Find Megan Baragry on Apple & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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