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Me & the Others Under My Skin


Under My Skin is a song that grows more enjoyable and more connected with its audience the further along it moves. What emerges as a simple acoustic folk song, albeit an interesting and uniquely presented one in itself, soon evolves to be more of a folk-rock-indie-pop fusion – a big-band offering of optimism and brutal honesty combined. In every regard, the song is quickly recognizable once you’ve experienced it.

There’s a very simple melodic structure to this song that makes certain the central hook stays with you after listening. Helping this stand as tall as it does though are a number of thoughtfully placed building blocks. The first of those is the delivery of that melody – this deep and characterful voice, almost whispered initially, passes these ideas and personal observations through to the listener in a manner that makes you want to listen. As the song progresses, the vocal delivery intensifies, growing more passionate, changing key and changing the whole feel of the song in the process, and gradually being joined by other, notably more joyful and hopeful voices.

Along with the development of the vocal aspects, the music too explodes into life later on in the song – these exceedingly happy, jazz and folk-rock driven instrumentals rain down around you, contrasting with the thoughtful and perhaps melancholy lyrics in a mighty and striking way.

Finally, in among all of this are the lyrics – crucial building blocks that give the melody a great deal of strength. Those three words are repeated so much that you can’t forget them, but it’s the various ideas placed after them that really get you thinking. For these reasons and more, Under My Skin is a great song with a beautiful overall sound, I look forward to hearing more from Me & The Others.

Production and mixing by Miro Vaz, mastering by Marc Mozart & Friends, cover art by Marry Dee. Stream the single on Spotify. Find & follow Me & The Others on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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