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Me And My Two Horses Heartbeats Horror Horses


The music of Me And My Two Horses gives you the feeling that you’re listening to something created by someone who has a completely unique, unorthodox, yet strangely beautiful, view of the world. It’s described as dark and experimental folk music, morbid pop, weird cabaret, and for the most part there is just a piano and a voice, with the occasional introduction of accordion or otherwise. It feels extremely experimental, but not in the usual way, it’s all quite simple, easy to listen to, and very beautiful – it feels like art in the sense that it just is what it means to be. Not trying to tick any particular boxes, nor please anyone unworthy of it’s delicate fusion of softness and grit.

The track Alone is absolutely incredible, this immense melody comes out, with this superbly unusual vocal chorus effect, and a very basic but beautiful piano part – plus, later, the crushing sound of the drum, smashing into focus, surrounding you, holding you tightly in that moment. It’s intense to listen to, but in an absolutely beautiful and addictive way. By the end, in fact, you need to return to the start to try to catch the lyrics, as the music alone completely wraps itself around you, but the lyrics too have this huge sense of intrigue, of the unexpected. This talk of demons, it fits, as the music has a haunting kind of atmosphere to it, but it also contrasts at times, as there really is something peaceful and pure about the whole sound.

It’s brilliant, a stand out EP, unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time, and really just the kind of music that takes you away from your reality for a while. Takes you somewhere new. Frees you from the average, from the trials of the general worker’s day to day life. Exactly what music, or art, is intended to do, really.

Absolutely worth taking the time out to listen to. Head over to Bandcamp to grab the EP. Follow Me and My Two Horses on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any future releases or live shows.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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