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McKay Plugged


Easy favorites for 2023, Nashville folk rock outfit McKay continue to promise a superb fusion of musical ability, unity, and absolute strength of songwriting. The latter is key to their climb, without doubt, and is further exemplified by the release of their latest single Plugged.

Carefully intertwining poetic imagery and ideas with a long-form story-style melody and organic full-band brightness, Plugged shines light on a fresh side of the McKay live sound, whilst reminding listeners of that unmistakable warmth, humanity and tone that lifts up each and every song.

In this case, we hear an upbeat arrangement supporting an increasingly passionate vocal delivery of self-reflection and metaphorical power. The lyrics feel incredibly unique, unorthodox yet still profoundly relatable – a line walked with faultless ability from McKay.

Somewhat leaning towards the compelling stories of bands like Fun and Counting Crows, Plugged also brings the organic folk rock appeal of an unplugged approach – something that subtly contrasts with the very concept of this release. All at once we get the fascinating story, the clear emotive devotion of the performance, and the naturally immersive musicality.

Another refreshingly original yet comfortingly familiar feat of artistry, from a band who will no doubt be making waves across the live scenes of the next twelve months.

Find McKay on Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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