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McArthur Gimme A Minute


Colourful production with multiple layers of synths and details meet with an unavoidable catchy hook for this rhythmic RnB-style contemporary hit from McArthur.

Blending the emo-rap melody and hip hop sound of the moment, with a clearly intentional style of writing, Gimme A Minute makes light of impatience, yet also touches briefly on the rat race and the sheer pace of modern life.

Musically things are kept laid-back, McArthur throwing in a clear electro-pop level of inspiration alongside everything else. The hook is the strong point, the verses tell a little more story, and meanwhile the soundscape impresses for its lightness and optimism.

There’s also a likable level of clarity to the voice, it’s mixed in well so as to remain subtle, like the music, but it refreshes in its sense of personality and the potentially recognisable nature of the tone.

An infectious single, well-crafted and not easy to forget about once it crosses your path.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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