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Maypo Deluxe Not Even Trying


Promising a dash of all things mellow and sultry, Maypo Deluxe softens the mood of the room, with Not Even Trying.

Leading with a timeless Americana swagger or shoulder-swaying groove that naturally draws you in, the single brings back the unmistakable Maypo voice – expressive and honest, emotive and distinct – and proceeds to weave a story of infatuation and desire.

Featuring both personal anecdotes and broadly accessible references, Not Even Trying showcases not only the strength of Maypo Deluxe’s musicianship, but of his songwriting. The track progresses through increasingly passionate verses, and always resolves with the satisfying drop back to base-camp for the title-line.

Within that journey, we get lashings of poetic imagery and metaphor, consistently building up the anticipation with each new idea, and always returning once again for the literal and relatable reflection of ‘It’s like you’re not even trying.’

‘You make it look easy, baby‘ resounds during the final moments, wrapping things up in a manner that further connects the dots for music fans who’ve spent time lost amidst the same kind of adoration for a significant other.

Humble as ever yet faultless and skilful in its portrayal of this topic and mood, Not Even Trying marks one more beauty of a blues track, from a now extensive and unmissable repertoire – the likes of which boasts tens of thousands of monthly listeners across a multitude of original songs. Get stuck in.

Find all things Maypo Deluxe via his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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