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Maypo Deluxe It’s OK


Always a personal favourite worth turning up the volume for, and a name you don’t forget – Maypo Deluxe leans towards immersive, mildly experimental yet humble indie rock with this powerfully ambient, poetically engaging new single.

Featuring an upfront stomp of a groove from the outset, acoustic guitar, bass and drums take you right to the front of the stage, and meanwhile that breathy leading voice offers a comforting, short-lined melody, and a series of lyrics that feel intriguing yet deeply human.

The words connect increasingly as the song progresses, the soundscape maintaining a humble progression and sense of movement, and the pause after the resolve of the hook, this repeated concept of all that is OK, really kicks in well for a hypnotic moment of imaginative calm and escapism.

Feeling all at once intimate and relatable in vagueness, It’s Ok tells a story and invites audience connection beautifully. The melodic shift after the verse is gorgeous, and the subtle guitar changes here, the additional vocal layers, all reinforce this build up.

Wonderfully seductive in its soulful take on uncertainty and acceptance in love and indeed life itself. Another winner of a single from the one and only Maypo Deluxe.

Download It’s Ok via Bandcamp. Check out Maypo Deluxe on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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