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Maypo Deluxe Come On Home


An ever-unpredictable Maypo Deluxe adopts a classic rock and roll presence throughout the Dylan-esque sentiments and style of a brilliantly uplifting Come On Home.

Passionately delivered yet backed by a humble pop-rock rise and fall, Come On Home feels like a timeless classic – an ode to the good times with an organic arrangement that can easily translate to any and all settings.

The music of Maypo Deluxe has always stood tall, mainly because of a unique manner of framing ideas – blending effective songwriting with subtle twists of unexpected expression throughout a largely genre-free progression. Organic musicianship tends to be a strength too, and in this case it’s the humility of that which allows the natural passion and warmth of the writing and leading vocal to connect so easily.

An essential must for this month’s playlist, and indeed the kind of anthemic pop-rock hit that will likely reappear for years to come – and lift the mood and satisfy to the same degree every time that it does. Come On Home is everything a good song needs to be in order to engage with and calm the true music fan.

Check out Maypo Deluxe via their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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